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Patrick Amar

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, and welcome to the Israel Executive Touring Center!

I'm Patrick Amar, and I established the Israel ETC to offer eager travelers like yourself the chance to experience Israel in a way that leaves you inspired, excited, and craving more. I  hail from Montreal, Canada where I grew up speaking French and English. As a university student, I began travelling to Israel on group trips, first as a participant and then afterwards in leadership roles. I couldn’t get enough. I eventually found myself in Israel so often that I felt it was already like a second home. So, then I made it my permanent home! 

After working with group trips to Israel for nearly a decade, I realized that I had a lot to share and becoming an Israeli tour guide would give me the opportunity to do so. After undergoing the grueling two year Israel Guide’s Course - and turning over what felt like every stone in Israel - I became officially licensed by Israel's Ministry of Tourism to hit the trail and teach about subjects across the spectrum: geography, politics, history, religion, people, plate tectonics, you name it! Since then, I have been privileged to guide hundreds of individuals around the Land of Israel and give them a taste of this incredible place I call home.

I love guiding groups, individuals, and families, whether for those visiting Israel for the first time or those who can hardly count how many times they’ve been here. Whether my clients are young or old, I’m here to help them have the best time possible, doing my best to keeping them entertained all the while. Join us here in Israel, and let us help you too have the trip of a lifetime!

Suzanne Lieberman

I love Israel; I love helping people; I'm a tourism professional with decades of experience designing customized itineraries, booking hotels, choosing guides and generally giving my clients a 5 star experience, whether they are solo-travellers, couples, families, life events or more! My clients are my priority - and I won't accept anything less than happy tourists!

Having known and worked with Patrick for almost 20 years, it was during the days of COVID when Patrick approached me to think big - to imagine a opportunites for Israel tourism once the borders open - and he invited me to be a part of bringing IsraelETC to the next level - and the rest, as they say,  is history! 

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Our Guides

Running a thriving business depends on having a great team.


We work with some of Israel's best tour guides - when Patrick isn't available we custom-pick the best guide for your group - ensuring that you get the five-star guiding you deserve!

About Israel ETC

The Israel Executive Touring Center was established by Patrick Amar in 2011 to provide travelers to Israel with a one-stop destination for designing and actualizing their ideal Israel experience. The Israel Executive Touring Center revolves around custom-made tours designed to meet the needs of our clients, ranging anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

In addition to our guiding department, we also offer a full-range travel service, covering any or all aspects of our clients’ travel needs. Services include: itinerary consultation & design, travel arrangements, accommodation and/or vehicle recommendations and bookings, special event organization, group program design, VIP service, and more.

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