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Israel "On your Own" - How to make it easy!

Beer Bazar

"This trip was epic! Quite a memorable experience . Thanks for helping us put this together. Your ideas really brought everything together. It was worth every shekel. Thanks again to you and Patrick I truly appreciate it" Isaac, Montreal

Not every traveler to Israel wants an organized multi-day tour. Not every tourist needs a tour guide - but the majority of tourists want some type of plan!

Imagine if you had someone to handle your hotels and transportation needs; someone to suggest and book places to visit, suitable for your family.

Someone who would make bookings and put directions in your itinerary, so you know how to get there; someone who will guide you throughout the planning stages and make suggestions that reflect your unique circumstances.

Our planning and bookings department will work with you to ensure that your next trip is exactly how you want it -  independent - with oversight.

Email us at to learn how we can help you

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